Our first ebook, Riding the Paper Tiger, supports the use of online communication assets to meet customer acquisition, retention and conversion goals.

Almost every business has an email address, but few have a detailed plan for responding to all of those messages. We offer a basis for creating a plan, and present key points used to make the channel pay dividends.

Content addresses the following topics:

  • A Brief History of Business Communication
    - Review the role of new media in commerce
  • Communication Technologies
    - Place email in the context of a larger media mix
  • The Computer as a Communication Technology
    - Review the origins of the modern Internet
  • Email: The Engine of Internet Commerce
    - Challenges of email management and tactics for success
  • Business Processes and Policies
    - Building a foundation for oversight
  • Email Management Strategies
    - Setting targets and goals
  • Establishing Internet Oversight
    - Organize the effort and define performance metrics
  • Define a Strategic Data Model
    - Map primary keys and significant data
  • Select an Email Application
    - Client/Server considerations
  • Guidelines for Email Responses
    - Setting ground rules and direction
  • Forms, Templates and Signatures
    - Content resources and customization
  • Recruiting for Success: Email Skill Sets
    - Literacy skills and evaluation criteria
  • Coda
    - Tips and Advice

All content is cast in non-technical terms, and provides a basis for achieving a positive return on the investment using email.

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