Our introductory, web-based training course prepares students to create and test high quality, actionable business continuity and recovery plans.

This course is designed for corporate and government professionals, and students who will participate in the business continuity and recovery planning effort as a subject matter expert, a recovery team member, or in a management role.

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Course Content

The material presented in this course covers the following topics:

  1. Start the Recovery Planning Process
    - Obtain Sponsorship, Identify Recovery Leads, Set Timelines
  2. Identify Recovery Team Members
    - Define Business Units, Roles and Process Experts
    - Populate a Contact Database
  3. Organize or Participate in a Kick-Off Meeting
    - Define an Agenda and Project Deliverables
    - Communicate Next Steps
  4. Conduct or Complete a Business Continuity Survey
    - Capture Unit Details, Define Processes and List Outage Impacts
    - Define Communication, Information and Technology Requirements
  5. Complete a Business Impact Analysis
    - Identify Dependencies, Single Points of Failure and Recovery Issues
    - Set Recovery Time Objectives, Criticality and Priority Values
  6. Define Recovery Strategies and Tasks
    - Evaluate Options and Classify Events
    - Plan and Validate Responses to Events
  7. Draft and Review Business Recovery Plans
    - Review Template and Define High Level Strategy
    - Capture Task Instructions for Process Recovery
  8. Review and Work from an Event Management Plan
    - Disaster Declaration and Recovery Plan Invocation
    - Emergency Communication, Resource Allocation and Status Reporting
  9. Test Completed Recovery Plans
    - Define Levels of Test, Scenarios and Exercises
    - Conduct Tests, Evaluate Results and Capture Lessons Learned
  10. Audit Recovery Plans for Quality
    - Identify Status and Assess Content
    - Address Security, Storage and Training Concerns

This course provides a number of templates used to generate continuity and disaster recovery plans. Professionals and students may download, populate and save the templates to produce complete plans for use in the field. Course content and templates are offered in HTML, MS Office, OpenOffice and PDF format.

Sample Page:  

The materials presented in this course are derived from industry best practices and first hand experience.

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To support business continuity and disaster recovery objectives, we offer the following presentation, free of charge, to all who are interested in drawing from the lessons learned in the 9/11 attacks. It is up to us to remember, and to learn from the events of that day. In some measure, we honor those who were lost that day, and those lost in any disaster, when we create and maintain continuity and recovery plans.

Post 9/11 Business Continuity Objectives:

Ten Years After: Reflections on 9/11